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Prior to USC Fertility we went through a reputable clinic in San Diego, which is where we live.  After several unsuccessful procedures we decided to try USC Fertility.  The difference, from our perspective, was significantly better.  They took the time to counsel, answer our questions, prepare us for realistic scenarios, and provide individualized support and service.  We felt like they understood this was a life changing experience for us, that these were our hopes and dreams, and that every cent mattered.  They gave us advice on timing of when to purchase medication at every stage of the process in addition to where to purchase to save money.  They stuck to a schedule and kept us informed ahead of time of who we would be meeting with.  We felt like everyone knew who we were and they all hoped to hear good news after every procedure.  Between the team at the front desk, Nurses, Fellows, Endocrinologists, Administrators who provided payment advice, Assistants, and Doctors we felt like family.  Dr. Bendikson was our physician but Dr. Chung was also there for us to fill in when necessary.  They worked as ONE team and cared for us equally and both are exceptional.  The culture is truly unique.  We stayed in hotels for days and weeks at a time but they always made us feel so at home.  They tailored the treatment to my wife’s cycle as opposed to lumping us in with a group based on the doctor’s schedule.  The previous clinic based treatments on the doctor’s schedule and required a five day transfer.  We also had direct contact with our doctor versus having to go through a nurse.  We did one round of IVF with a three day transfer and we were both just over 40 years old at the time of treatment.  It was a success!  Our baby was born on March 2017.  She is our first child and we are grateful for this blessing on earth.  We knew there were so many things that could have gone wrong or countless variables that could have affected the outcome, but the team was positive, yet, kept us grounded.  This is my first Yelp review and we felt compelled to share our experience to give hope to those who may need it.  I almost gave up, but after meeting with Dr. Bendikson I felt a glimmer of hope because of her candor and genuinely caring demeanor.  It’s all real and a common trait with the USC Fertility team.

Ryan Joe B

San Diego, CA



My wife and I went to several consultations at other fertility clinics before choosing USC after meeting Dr. Bendikson.
We had requested to start with non-medicated IUI cycles and we were never ever pushed to do anything more invasive than we felt comfortable with. Dr. Bendikson is brilliant, enthusiastic, straightforward and extremely thorough. Her nurse Vicki is just awesome, compassionate, friendly, and quick to respond to questions and concerns. The entire staff including front office, nurses, fellows, and financial reps were all knowledgeable, friendly, and Grade A professionals.
Our initial feeling about them being the most competent and professional facility was spot on.  The costs actually ended being the the most reasonable as well. We had an outstanding experience with USC,  from Day 1 and with their help after a few tries we had a successful IUI and are expecting our baby boy in a few weeks!
We can’t thank Dr. Bendikson, Vicki, Dr. Woo and the rest of the staff. They set the gold standard for high quality medical care.

Jennifer N

Corona, CA



I absolutely love Dr. Bendikson, her nurse Vicki, and all of the staff at USC. Dr. Bendikson is one of the kindest, most caring doctors I have ever come across. She genuinely cares about your well-being and truly wants to help you through your journey. My husband and I had been trying for a couple of years but didn’t feel ready to begin the IVF journey. We met with a few doctors before we found Dr. Bendikson. As soon as we left our first consultation, we knew she was the right Doctor for us and she is what helped us feel ready. She took the time to explain every detail to us. She never pressured us to go right to IVF – as many other doctors do. She weighs the options and helps you feel confident with the decisions you make. I truly believe she does this out of the kindness of her heart and wants to help women get pregnant. The staff is very organized, educated, and kind. Vicki (our nurse) is amazing. She’s on top of every detail, emails back over the weekend and way after hours. Dr. Bendikson personally called me multiple times to check on me when I had a medical issue. Not many other people would do that. I feel blessed that I found them.


La Verne, CA



I can not recommend Dr. Bendikson, her nurse Vicki, and The rest of the USC Fertility team enough!!!!  My husband and I had been trying to conceive for about 6 months just prior to my 38th birthday with no success. Because of our age and hectic occupations we decided to move forward with IVF. We had researched what we were getting into, but Dr. Bendikson had such a wonderful way of explaining the process. After our first consultation, we felt educated and hopeful, but also realistic regarding the IVF process and it’s outcomes. Her bedside manner is both emotionally comforting, but logical and measured. This kept us optimistic with reasonable expectations. No small feat and Dr. Bendikson accomplishes this with ease. In addition, Dr. Bendikson’s nurse Vicki is hands down the sunniest person my husband and I have ever met! She’s a total delight and just like Dr. B, she’s incredibly informative, patient, and comforting. My husband commented that Vicki and Dr. Bendikson are a “dream team” and that they are people “who found EXACTLY what they should be doing in life.” It’s so true!!!! As for our results, we ended up having great success and are looking forward to our transfer. Of course, every woman responds differently to IVF, but I can not give a bigger endorsement for Dr. Bendikson, Vicki, and the entire USC team to guide you through this physically difficult and emotional process. Your body dictates most of the outcome of this, but for the rest of it you will be in wonderful hands with this team. Call them today!!!! They are the best!!!!!

Mary M

Los Angeles



I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Bendikson. I first met with her in December of 2015. From our first meeting through my treatment, she was caring, thorough, thoughtful, professional and sensitive to my concerns. She was available every step of the way and my treatment was a success. Dr. Bendikson also encouraged me to seek additional care for chronic pelvic pain that I had been experiencing for over a year (and no doctor had been able to help). As a result, the pain has resolved with treatment. Dr. Bendikson’s nurse, Vicki, is also wonderful. She’s so helpful and kind. I highly recommend Dr. Bendikson and USC Fertility!

Jodi A

Los Angeles



PART I — This review has been a long time coming. My egg freeze cycle was in November/Dec (over Thanksgiving…what Doctors are working over Thanksgiving?) But my relationship started with USC fertility back in July of 2015. It took that long for everything to line up with me not just financially but health wise before I could move forward. I’ve been meaning to write this review since sometime last fall! I’ve had a few life events requiring my attention since then but knew I couldn’t let this review go.

I was 38 when I first went in to ask about egg freezing and my consultation was with Dr. Bendikson. I want to state that I did my research before choosing a provider. I knew my insurance would not be helping me and this would be a cash transaction for me, one of the biggest of my life so far. I had a good job but was not rolling in dough at the time, this procedure had just become that important to me as life hasn’t worked out exactly as planned and I knew I was getting close to “time” to do this if I wanted it to be successful, I had read that the years 36-39 were pretty critical for egg freezing given present research. I of course found the financing sites with the pro-egg-freeze-literature like eggbanx — I will say that egg banx was useful in helping me to secure some badly needed extra financing when I needed it — but I’m SO glad I was suspicious of their marketing tactics. I chose to dig deeper rather than rely on some for-profit middle man that claims to be giving you a “deal” and “discount” for egg freezing when you get a certain list of providers to go to which are all for profit clinics (not a non profit research institution such as USC or others like UCLA). When I did my own research I found that not only was USC fertility cheaper (by a good deal) than most of the clinics egg banx was pressuring me into, it had a MUCH better reputation and frankly being an educated professional myself I just felt better going to a place with known, contributing professionals who were working in the field, teaching and …well, researching. I much prefer the academic atmosphere to some glossy clinic somewhere with some Dr. I have never heard of who is clearly in it for the profit — look I’d want to be making a big profit if I were in the field too but there is a difference at the end of the day between someone who is publishing new research and someone who is more interested in making money and retiring.

Anyway — I felt I had made the right decision after my first appointment. Again, being an educated professional myself who also works in a male dominated field I know when someone is talking from a place of confidence, knowledge and being truthful. I instantly identified and appreciated Dr. Bendikson’s sort of ‘no nonsense’ demeanor in the consultation. I’ve been labeled “difficult” (or worse) at times for my demeanor in my work when I’m simply trying to explain something in clinical terms (because I’m thinking and all the bits and pieces of knowledge are coming together in my head, etc) sometimes its hard to take for others who are not as knowledgeable and they take it as offensive rather than clinical, being a woman you are expected to sugar coat things etc (I work in a tech field). I’m not saying Dr. Bendikson was harsh only that I recognized something in her demeanor that I identified with and trusted because it reminded me of the quick knowledge I had in my own field that came with years of learning, studying and frankly having to know more than anyone else …being an expert. Not tooting my own horn here either but when you are spending more than $10,000 out of your pocket for a once in a lifetime, need to get it right ‘thing’ you want someone that tells you the truth and is telling you the truth cause they KNOW, and if they don’t know, they tell you that too…. and that’s what I recognized to be the case, and that’s what I needed to make my own decisions. I didn’t need someone to treat me like I’m too stupid to understand what’s going on so glosses over details, is overly syrupy sweet or the opposite, just non communicative. I found Kristen to be professional, super smart, confident and quick, kind, considerate, definitely nice  and compassionate– but no nonsense (best way I can put it) and I personally relate to that much better than someone who sells me a bill of goods with a smile …she’s authentic, put it that way. I’m thinking there could be some people who prefer someone who is less direct and honest who might prefer a much more “syrupy” delivery but I think Kristen walks the line perfectly — compassionate and honest, and super smart isn’t that what you want in a doctor? I’ve seen it a lot in my own field (killing the messenger) so that’s why I felt like making this point. I trusted Kristen quickly, it was such a night and day experience compared to what I have had with other doctors… continued Part II

Sandra T

Oxnard, CA



FYI: Before I begin my review, it’s important to mention that I won’t be writing about my results.  I do this because everyone is different and what I “got” or didn’t “get” really doesn’t change my experience with the team.  Nor should it yours…

I got to that place in my life where I said, “Okay, kids. Hmmm. I need to start deciding what to do…” and once this clicked in my head, and I did the research, I realized freezing was the best way to go.  Just egg freezing. Not embryo.  I’m married, but my husband and I just aren’t ready and embryo freezing was just out of our budget.  With that in mind, I did my due diligence, understood that in no way was egg freezing an insurance policy (please, remember this…don’t be sold that it is….that would be heart breaking) and had the attitude that whatever happened, at least I did the best I could for myself.
My gynecologist recommend USC.  There are a lot of clinics out there–many of them are businesses that sell false dreams.  Many of them are also top dollar.  Though I was recommended to USC, I did check competitors before deciding to have a consultation at USC.  It was indeed the most fairly priced and I felt that, as a University, the quality of doctors and the integrity of their technology would be tops…and I would not have to worry about them going out of business and worrying about my the security of my eggs!
I booked a consultation with Dr. Bendikson.  It is $350.  A lot of money before you decide, but I understand their time is costly.  It’s also a good way to weed out people just “browsing.”  Dr. “B” (as I began calling her…) had a background that had the words “Harvard, NYU and USC professor” that gave me the reassurance that she had elite experience.  But it was her brilliant manner of explaining and drawing out the process as to how the body works, how this particular process works and making NO PROMISES of big dreams- that impressed me.  My husband and I felt she was the right fit.  We felt safe with her.  And doubly so after we met her jubilant, lovely nurse, Vicki.  These two would later become my go-to’s for information, updates and TLC.  The last being crucial.  Because this is a long process.  A lot more than I understood–both for my body and my mind.
Depending on what mediciations you need, the cost will fluctuate.  Vicki immediately gave me details on applying for compassionate care.  You can get, I believe, 15-75% off the medications this way.  Now, I’m not the calmest patient.  Nor terribly shy.  But nothing phased these women.  They remained strong when I felt weak.  They replied to my emails on the weekends or when I even just wrote a line (that wasn’t at all urgent) so I could hear back from someone who cared and understood.
The nursing staff, there at 7am, are always upbeat and so gracious.  But of course, it was Dr. B and Vicki whom my relationship became tight with.  These women are bionic.  They both have kids, families, hard jobs (to say the least) and a lot going on with patients.  But they gave all to me.  They never seemed tired or exasperated.
Freezing took months of injections (not fun), going in every week (3-4 times even) and getting blood tests and ultrasounds.  My experience could have been miserable…it was trying…but their bedside manner made it do-able.  I couldn’t have made it through without Vicki and Dr. Bendikson.
The night before my surgery, I was in touch via emails which were warm and encouraging.  And Dr. Bendikson was there early to greet me beforehand to reassure me.  She didn’t have to do that.  She just cared.  And the next day, she and and Vicki followed up.  Because they REALLY cared (LOL-have I stressed that enough?) They have hundreds of patients, but they somehow make you feel you’re the only one.  Extraordinary.  FYI: You do end up seeing most of the doctors when you go in for ultrasounds since your Dr. does have days off.  But I never felt uncomfortable with that.  They met in meetings and were all kept abreast of my case.
I’m glad this is over for me. I’m glad I did this. The only sad part is missing these wonderful women as a part of my life. I MUST recommend Dr. Bendikson and Vicki.  They are a brilliant, warm, dynamic duo.  They were my beacons.
Thank you all at USC. I wish I had space to write about all of you. My final word: this is no walk in the park emotionally nor physically nor financially.  But the key is your “team.”  I had Olympians as mine.  Good luck to you on your own personal journeys.  And I hope you get as lucky as I did with Dr. Bendikson and Vicki.


Los Angeles, CA



We began seeing Dr. Bendikson and her staff towards the beginning of this year. We came from Pacific Reproductive Center which was a joke, so this was a nice change for us. I felt like our case was important at USC and the staff were incredibly attentive. We did many natural cycles with ovarian stimulation but were unsuccessful. We finally chose to do an IUI for the first time and now we’re 19 weeks away from meeting our precious baby girl! We couldn’t be any happier with USC and I highly recommend them!

Deborah C

Canyon Country, CA


I love this office and Dr. Bendikson. I’ve seen a lot of doctors over the last five years and none have been as thorough and on top of my care as she has. She is the best at explaining things clearly and honestly, which I so appreciate. She found (and resolved) issues no other doctors found and I’m more confident than ever about finally becoming pregnant. I also love her nurse, Vicki, and the rest of the staff. I can’t recommend the office more highly.


Los Angeles



I love Dr. Bendikson.  I went to her to freeze my eggs at age 37.  I had a complicated case.  She did an amazing job monitoring me at every step to make sure I was not overstimulated, and she got a wonderful result with a lot more eggs than I was expecting.  She takes very good care of you.  In fact, the entire staff of nurses and doctors were warm, helpful and professional.  I am so pleased with how it all went.  I would tell all of my friends to use Dr. Bendikson and USC Fertility.

Laura G

Sseattle, WA



We love Dr. Bendikson and her staff!
After 2 years of trying to conceive and miscarriages, Dr. Bendikson gave us hope. She did a very thorough assessment and answered all of our questions. She is very understanding of how infertility is not just a physical issue, but can be emotional as well. Dr. Bendikson helped us understand our options and come up with a plan. All services were provided in her office, which is very modern and even has a Keurig.  We never had scheduling issues or difficulty getting an appointment. Dr. Bendikson also responds promptly to emails and never made me feel like I was annoying her with my questions. Her nurse, Vicki, is also fantastic. Although we love Dr. B, we’re also thrilled to move on to our OB-GYN!

Jessica A

Pasadena, CA



I started working with Dr. Bendikson at USC Fertility 3 years ago and completed one full IVF cycle.  Of all the OB/GYN’s and RE’s I saw before her, she was the best at taking a lot of information and making it clear for us so we could make good decisions going forward.  The entire staff is helpful and makes the process seem less overwhelming.  I’m sure I met most of them with the number of days I went in for blood tests and ultrasounds.  Even though you might see another doctor on a monitoring day, they always know exactly where you are in your plan.

Dr. B personally called me after treatment to check up on me and make sure I was doing ok and sent me the nicest e-mail a few months later.

Fast forward to today….I recently had to get in contact with Dr. B again.  While my OB/GYN office had me scared about some recent bloodwork, Dr. B boiled it down and gave me a realistic (and optimistic) picture.  She truly makes you feel like a person and not a patient.  I’ve never felt rushed talking to her and I can e-mail her and get a quick response.

I’m in Colorado now, but I will be going back to LA for any further treatments.

Carolyn F

Marietta, GA



I’m really surprised to see no reviews for USC Fertility on Yelp. I’ve been a patient for a little over 2 months, and I can’t sing their praises enough–and especially of my doctor, Kristin Bendikson. Dr. Bendikson goes above and beyond the call of duty on a regular basis, answering emails and calls  promptly, even calling once to check up on me when I was feeling blue about the whole nightmare that is infertility.  Today, when I had to endure a painful HSG test to see if my fallopian tubes were open, Dr. Bendikson, knowing how terrified I was (I had attempted to have the same test a year ago at another hospital, and the tech botched it) met me at the radiology office and held my hand through the entire procedure.  She even inserted the catheter and speculum HERSELF, so I would feel the most minimal discomfort possible.  I have not had such wonderful care from a doctor in a very, very long time–if ever.  Dr. Bendikson truly cares about her patients and their well being, and I could not have gotten through this procedure today without her. The rest of the staff at USC is excellent as well. Frances, Dr, Bendikson’s nurse, returns calls promptly and is always available to help with whatever you need. Plus, she’s just a really cool lady!  I haven’t gotten pregnant yet as we are just starting the IUI process now, but I trust Dr. Bendikson completely and have no doubt that we’ll have good news soon!


Los Angeles, CA