I was thrilled to find out that the editors at mindbodygreen.com wanted to publish my article on getting pregnant over the age of 40.  I had already starting focusing on this subject because of recent media coverage of celebrity pregnancies, and I thought it was important to disseminate ACCURATE information about what your options are for pregnancy when women are older.   I have written extensively about the subject previously as you can see in my previous post on Janet Jackson’s pregnancy announcement.  The article on mindbodygreen.com is a concise version of some of my longer blogs on this subject and speaks to the heart of the issue.

The mindbodygreen.com website is an amazing resource for information on wellness, tackling all sorts of issues related to both the mind and body and how we relate with the world.  Their all encompassing approach to living your best life speaks to my view of the world and how I want to live MY best life.  The website is full of interesting, pertinent and useful facts on all sorts of topics ranging from skin care, to juicing to exercise, spirtuality and food.  It’s all interconnected, so embrace it.

Check out my article that is published about pregnancy after 40 published on the MINDBODYGREEN website.  And spend some time on the site, perusing what they have to offer.  You won’t be disappointed.  It is a gem!!

“I’m A Fertility Doctor. Here’s What I Tell My Patients About Getting Pregnant After 40”